Sansaire – machine Sous vide

How to Cook the Steak of Your Dreams! This is going to be a little different than the way you’ve cooked steaks in the past, but you’re going to love the results. Achieving the right doneness (rare, medium-rare, medium, and so on) doesn’t require expert timing or x-ray vision. All you have to do is choose the temperature you prefer.

First step, Set up your sansaire. Pick a container that will be large enough to fit your food, with extra room left over for the water to circulate. Place you Sansaire inside the pot with the Sansaire´s clip on the outside to hold it steady. Add enough water to cover the minimum fill line on the Sansaire, and plug in the power cord. Choose how do you like your steak and dial that in. After that seal you steak in a plastic bag, zip-top bags are a great choice. Now it is time to remove the air so your steaks don´t float. Hold the top of the bag open and lower the bottom into the water bath. Keep lowering until just the top of the bag is above the water, then zip the top closed and drop it into the water.

Guess what? You´re cooking sous vide!

  • Sousvide
  • Instructionbook will follow