Ravenhead is from the 19th century England, in the 1930s the company branched out into domestic tableware such as bowls, jugs and drinking glasses, many of which were inspired by Art Deco. It was during this time that Ravenhead developed some long-standing partnerships with iconic brands such as Elizabeth Arden. Ravenhead’s first decorating machine produced the cosmetics manager’s world-famous white cream jar. The machine was then used to decorate a variety of pots, jars and bottles including milk bottles decorated with the name of the farmer’s dairies.

Today’s Ravenhead has, thanks to the foundation, built an enviable international reputation for high quality glass that combines strength and durability. They have exceptional glassware in their range, and whether you are entertaining friends at home or need glass for a formal event, there is a range that caters for all occasions.

  • Mojito glass