Hurom – the juice rolls royce

Some people prefer juice with pulp, while others prefer it without. If you are looking to drink juice as a meal replacement, a glass of juice with so much pulp that it almost seems like a smoothie would be a good choice. However, if your main goal is to maximize nutrient absorption and benefit from the detoxifying properties of juice, juice without pulp is the way to go. Huroms slow juicers effectively filter out solid particles from the juice, ensuring maximum nutrient absorption in the body. Pulp-free juices are also easier to swallow and therefore can be safely enjoyed by children and seniors as well.

After a certain amount of time, the pulp in a glass of juice will start to separate, making the juice look less appetizing. Juices produced with Hurom slow juicers, however, even those made with the same fresh fruits and vegetables, show much less of this kind of separation in the glass, making them more visually appealing and offering a better overall juice-drinking experience.

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