Dualit – Roast rolls Royce

British Dualit has for over 70 years toasted bread. The toasters can rust hundreds of golden bread slices per hour. They are manufactured by hand in England and are built to last a lifetime. The toasters are shiny and classic in their design. Dualit’s toasters are recognized as the best in the world. Dualit has been in Magasin’s portfolio for many years.

Lots of companies talk about quality; for Dualit it is a fundamental part of the business. Their Quality Policy exists to provide employees and suppliers with a framework that ensures they deliver their promises to customers, whether product or service related. Its success is a consequence of several key factors – a continuous process of monitoring and improvement, senior management ‘champions’, supplier relationships that work as true partnerships, and employees who often ‘go the extra mile’ for the benefit of their customers. See also their blenders, coffee machines, hand mixes, etc. in the same stylish design and high quality

  • Toasters
  • Coffee Capsules
  • Espresso machine
  • Milk frother
  • Kettle
  • Handmixer
  • Handblender
  • Blender