About Us

Magasin friend of brands is just as the name suggests; a friend of brands. Today we have a large portfolio of well-known brands with high quality. For us, quality has always been one of the guiding principles that governed our business. Magasin friend of brands is not a new star in the sky but has been bright since 1971, although the range and activity has grown since then, the soul and the heart remain in the business.

Today we have also grown and become a Scandinavian supplier with sales offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Baltics.

Everything started with

A small snaps glass. The year was 1971 and the glass became popular and got the name: “Knäppen”. The glass was characterized by its small size, which meant that instead of one snaps you could easily take two.

Established brands

At Magasin we already work with well-known and established brands. We also have our own brands where we work with product development and purchasing. At our headquarters in Jönköping, both the ideas and the design of these products arise.


In Jönköping we have our warehouse at about 3500 sqm. There we have a constantly rolling flow of incoming and outgoing goods. From here, goods are shipped to all of Scandinavia.


We have showrooms around all our offices in Scandinavia. In Sweden we have two pieces; one in Jönköping and one in Stockholm. We welcome everyone to visit any of our showrooms to have a cup of coffee and have the opportunity to feel and touch all our products.